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- broken washing machines never happen at a convenient time, and always when you need clean clothes!  If your washer is leaving water on the floor, or failing to drain give Seattle Appliance Repair a call.  We'll schedule a time to come out that's convenient for you and the service call is free with repairs.

Washing machine manufacturers are now advising users, due to the plastic's adhesion properties with laundry detergent and mold, to perform a regular maintenance wash which cleans the inside of the washing machine.

A maintenance wash is performed without any laundry on the hottest wash program,
using either one of the following: white vinegar, a detergent with bleaching properties (it is not advisable to put actual bleach inside the washing machine or you could use a proprietary washing machine cleaner.

The purpose of a maintenance wash is to remove any mold, bacteria, old detergent residue and gunge. If using white vinegar, it is important to allow the washing machine to fill for about 30 seconds before adding the vinegar, as the first bit of water goes into the sump.

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